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Chair in Training Science & Kinesiology – Prof. Dr. Andreas Hohmann

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After years of effort, in Winter Semester 2012/2013 a Training & Kinesiology Laboratory attached to the department's existing building officially commenced operation, almost two years after construction had begun.
With 655,000 euros in investments and a main usable area of 191 m², the laboratory has not only considerably improved the quality of research projects, but also of teaching. This applies to final theses as a well as empirically based advanced seminars in the vocational field orientation competitive sports (bachelor's), the advanced module area Training - Performance - Competition in the master's programme, and in the courses Research Methods and Testing Procedures.
In addition to two office rooms for the laboratory manager and researchers involved in third-party projects, the temperature-controlled laboratory room itself has three additional workspaces, e.g. for direct data analysis for term papers.

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